I'm back working my way around Scotland again, So far in 2017 I've had three good trips, Torridon then Harris and my last, back on the Misty Isle of Skye. i'm working at refreshing my site with larger images and who knows they might get even larger in time. As ever I hope you enjoy viewing because I had a great time taking photographs of Scotland in what ever weather happened along.

Dougie Salteri was a working photographer for the best part of 50 years in newspapers, retired a few years back as Picture Editor of "The Herald" in Glasgow. He now shares his passion for Landscape Photography with you the viewer, your comment gives the inspiration to continue.

Come in and enjoy a wander around the galleries, have a look at Scotland through his lens, He'll be delighted if you have the time to leave a comment on an image or in the guest book.

Most of all he hopes you enjoy the journey around Scotland.

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Douglas Salteri's landscape photos of Scotland

Skye Trip 2013...
12th April 2013
Torridon Trip 2012...
06th November 2012
Skye 2011 Trip...
27th November 2011
Dramatic weather images
28th August 2011
We've been having some very changeable weather across Scotland of late, beautiful sunshine one day and then great banks of cloud roll in and we have dark sky and heavy rain falling in bands with wonderful bright light in between. This is one example from a day out in Fife Scotland, shows the Petro Chemical works at Grangemouth across the River Forth in central Scotland.

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Douglas Salteri's landscape photos of Scotland Wales & England

Hail StormZ2A2709 copy Harris Trip 2017
(Contains 16 photos)
A weeks trip to a wee cottage at Seilebost on the Island of Harris in the Hebrides of scotland
Fiery Colour... Weather related images...
(Contains 5 photos)
Take your partners...No Z2A0884 Skye Trip 2014 late...
(Contains 15 photos)
My last trip of the year I had chosen Elgol on Skye with that iconic view of the Cuillin Hills right outside my window.
Golden Rays...No Z2A0322 Lewis Trip 2014...
(Contains 12 photos)
A weeks trip to Carnish at the west coast of Lewis in the Hebrides Western Isles, Scotland. I had my nephew Michael Robertson with me, he's a cycling photographer who now lives in California, USA, we had a full week at the Auberge Carnish on the extreme west of Lewis.
Limpet-Eyes...No Z2A9713 Harris Trip 2014...
(Contains 25 photos)
A return trip to Harris, I've been there four times now, it really is a jewel in the chain of islands on the West coast of Scotland.
Assynt Trip 2013...
(Contains 10 photos)
A week in Ardmair, just north of Ullapool in the Highlands of Scotland, water surrounded by many highly individual mountains.
Skye Trip 2 2013...
(Contains 13 photos)
After my week in Assynt based in Ardmair I moved on to the Isle of Skye for the second time this year. I based myself at Elgol in the Pier House Apartment with the stunning view of the Cuillin Hills out the window.
The Talmine Wreck... Farr Trip 2013...
(Contains 15 photos)
I made a third trip to the area between Sutherland and Caithness in the very North of Scotland and was based at Farr which is within the Caithness County border, but I travelled quite a bit into the neighbouring County Sutherland.
Cuiliin Pinks...No 81G7953 Skye Trip 2013
(Contains 19 photos)
...enjoyed a wonderful two weeks in a cottage in Elgol, right by Loch Scavaig on the Isle of Skye. Heaven for the landscaper, whether photographic or artist.
The smell of the sea and the noise of the birds is sometimes broken by the people flocking to go on the various boat trips across the Loch.
I've been to Skye many times but this was one of my best ever, I managed to enjoy things as well as point my camera.
If you've never been to Skye you've never lived...
Shadows...No Z2A0490 Torridon Trip 2012...
(Contains 20 photos)
Farr Trip 2012... Farr Trip 2012...
(Contains 14 photos)
River Ba Reflections...No 81G7491 Winter 2011/12
(Contains 3 photos)
South Uist trip... South Uist trip...
(Contains 17 photos)
A weeks trip to South Uist in the Western Isles of Scotland, found a small family of Shetland Ponies.
Lochan Reflection...No DSF0153 Fuji x10 images...
(Contains 3 photos)
...a new toy which I'm playing with to see how much I can get out of the small format in comparison to the Canon 1Ds. This folio will expand as I shoot more images. Watch this space.
Remember... Scotland's Memorial Tributes...
(Contains 3 photos)
...over the years I'll add to this gallery, sometimes before, or during and after Remembrance Sunday.
Over The Rainbow...No 81G6785 Skye Trip 2011
(Contains 18 photos)
This years last trip of the season probably.
Loch Venachar reflection...DSC0058 Trossachs...
(Contains 20 photos)
A National Park In Scotland, including Loch Lomond and Loch Katrine plus much, much more.
The Moody River Clyde...No 81G5340 Arran & the Clyde
(Contains 18 photos)
The Isle of Arran, one of the main Islands in the River Clyde on the West of Scotland. A short ferry ride to a beautiful place you'll want to come back to.
Mother-Natures-Waveform Perthshire, Fife & Angus
(Contains 8 photos)
I-Wish-I-Could-Paint...No 6316 Dumfries & Galloway
(Contains 2 photos)
An area of Scotland to the south west.
Hatching...No 81G2175. Winter 2010/11
(Contains 8 photos)
Autumn's Fading Glory...No DSC1298 Autumn in Scotland.
(Contains 39 photos)
The colours of Autumn across Scotland. My personal favourite time of the year, when the colours change from bright greens to soft gold and browns. The light changes too as the sun travels a lower arc across the land.
***See also Trossachs for more autumnal images.
Queen of Mountains...No 81g7041-43 Tongue...
(Contains 8 photos)
A trip to the top of Scotland to photograph Ben Loyal, known as The Queen of Mountains. Plus some images from a previous trip north.
Harris...No 8797-02 Lewis & Harris
(Contains 35 photos)
Some of the best beaches in the World and a lot more besides.
Quinag...No 7998-03 v pano Assynt trip...
(Contains 19 photos)
A trip to Assynt in Wester Ross & Sutherland, Scotland. Mountains, lochs and midges, but wonderful country to walk and take photographs.
Mountain Mist... No 5479 Assynt
(Contains 8 photos)
A wonderful part of the WesternHighlands which spans Wester Ross & Sutherland, a place of many mountains every one an individual in shape and height.
Misty Cuillin...No 3665 Skye, The Misty Isle.
(Contains 46 photos)
A wonderful Island now joined by a bridge to the mainland, a grand place for photographers of all ages.
Cuillin Panorama...No 7229-33 Skye 2010 Trip
(Contains 26 photos)
My February 2010 trip to Skye with Claire Carter, a very special landscaper who likes to get into the landscape especially when water is the main feature. She has webbed feet which explains a lot about her.
Misty Black Mount...No Z2A0882 Lochan na h'Achlaise
(Contains 41 photos)
the best Lochan in Scotland and the most photographed. I rarely drive straight by, I always have a look see, just in case? You will too when you've been there.
Blue Heaven...No Z2A0992 Glencoe
(Contains 55 photos)
The best Glen in Scotland. Steeped in history and full of dramatic mountains and rivers. The light changes by the moment, but don't give up, even on rainy days this moor is special, even if you only see it through the windscreen wipers of your car.
Jelly Bubbles2... Glen Etive
(Contains 15 photos)
Glen Etive runs off Glencoe on the Rannoch Moor, Scotland. A truly magnificent glen in it's own right, mountains, red deer, every corner a new vista opens and at the bottom Loch Etive, the jewel in the glen.
Contemplating... No 7331 My personal favourites.
(Contains 13 photos)
Some of the images which give me the most satisfaction from over the years. I hope that you like them too.
Your comments are always welcome here.
Former Glory 2...No 81g0497-99 Scotland a journey.
(Contains 14 photos)
My travels around Scotland with a couple of Canon cameras & some lenses plus the Apple Mac, a pair of wellies and a big bag of patience to wait for the good light to show.
That Sycamore...2125 Monochrome.
(Contains 9 photos)
Conversions from colour images.
Dunstanburgh Castle... No 2643 Northumberland, England.
(Contains 8 photos)
Part of England but should probably be in Scotland, it looks so Scottish. Border raiders passed back and forward over the years stealing eachothers cattle and raiding farms and villages. It's peaceful now.
***See also Monochrome folder.
Violet Lynn Cregennen...No 0744. Wales.
(Contains 31 photos)
... Scotland in miniature, a wonderful place full of dramatic lakes and lowering mountains. Friendly people and roads that turn so often your head spins.
Mellon Udrigle...MG_2429 Mellon Udrigle.
(Contains 7 photos)
A small village on the West Coast in Wester Ross, Scotland on a peninsula packed with wonderful places to photograph. Once seen this land will stay with you for ever, mark my words.
Portuairk...No 0364 Ardnamurchan & Isle of Mull...
(Contains 16 photos)
...the most Westerly part of the Mainland of Scotland, juts out into the sea above Mull a beautiful island with little jewels like Tobermory and Castle Duart, Iona is off the south west tip of Mull.
Athelstaneford 2...No 81G4832 Borders & Lothians.
(Contains 17 photos)
The Borders of Scotland, between England & Scotland, rolling hills and wonderful Loch's, valleys not Glens in this part of the country. Lothians which contains the Capital of Scotland Edinburgh and many other bonnie towns & villages.
Loch Sheil...No 81G9458 Morar & Lochaber
(Contains 10 photos)
Arisaig is on the Road to the Isles, in Morara. Kintail on the road to Skye in Lochaber.
Loch Tulla...No 81G9573 Loch Tulla
(Contains 6 photos)
Sits to the south west of Rannoch Moor and behind the mountains of Glen Etive.
Glen Lyon...
(Contains 2 photos)
Sunrise fans...No DSC0167 Arran Trip 2015...
(Contains 5 photos)
...a week over on Arran, a wee island in the River Clyde, with mixed weather and lots of sunshine at times, nice cottage at Corrie to live in and had a grand week.