Douglas Salteri's landscape photos of Scotland

Landscape photography from Scotland by Douglas Salteri
My nephew Michael's site in California
Bikes bikes and more bikes with some eloquent words of rides around the State, with some beautiful images.
Herman Cater a prize winning photographer from Slovenia.
A remarkable photographer in Slovenia, & now a great friend after shared trips to Assynt, Torridon and Skye. This is his story of an old farmer in Slovenia, and his other work around the world.
Matjaz Cater, son of Herman, wonderful images taken from his para glider over Slovenia.
A remarkable set of images taken while flying in his para glider at dawn over Slovenia.
Quality Borders Photographic cards.
Rod Sibbald Photography in the Borders of Scotland by a friend and colleague from my newspaper days.
Two people
a good friend Fraser Duff and an excellent photographer, well worth a look. Just been awarded his LRPS and well deserved too.
Mhic Chambers a Scottish Photographer in Dubai
A quiet guy who gets things done and done well.
Mari Owen is one of the best photographers I know, & I know lots.
A photographer who seems to be very good at all kinds of photography, have a look at her site if you need to see some photography done beautifully. Based in Wales, but don't let that stop you.
Ann Chown...
A friend on a photographic website who has blossomed in photography in the few short years I have known her and her photography.
You'll enjoy a look I'm sure.
Phil Restan Photography & Blog
Landscape photographer from the very North of Scotland, Assynt, Wester Ross and Sutherland on his back door. Now part time gardner and blog writer.
Ian Flindt Photography
The landscape through his eyes and camera, wonderful work and images to aspire to.
Marie Kerr a friend on Skye.
some really different images from the "Misty Isle".
Photo Travel Review
Bill Lockharts site, with Melanie M & Claire Carter all about travel, Avian photography (his first love) and landscapes with some very personal hands on equipment reviews in real life situations. Worth a long look.
Claire Carter
A dedicated landscaper, dawn till dusk coverage and follower of the light. A fresh feel for everywhere she points her lens. Well worth a visit to her website.
Melanie M's website travel images from around the World.
No matter where Melanie sets her camera up she always waits for the best light of the day, and it shows in her wonderfully crafted images. Perfection in light & shade.